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Μέλος της International Federation for Choral Music (I.F.C.M.) και της European Choral Association- Europa Cantant

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Born in Patras.

She has shown a great aptitude for music since she was very young and started piano lessons at the age of 6.

She registered at the HELLINICO CONSERVATORY of Patras, taught by the piano teacher Rona Zorba with which she continued and completed her piano studies.

She took the piano Degree in 1982 and the Diploma in 1985 by the ACHAIKO CONSERVATORY of Patras (Recognised by the state, founded in 1981) as well as the Singing and Harmony in 1983 and 1985 respectfully, taught by Stavros Solomos.

During her studies she gained many prizes and distinctions by the conservatories she had been studying. She attended piano seminars by Greek and foreign pianists in Patras and Athens. She also took part in the "20th century Music" and "Music-locomotion" (Orff system) seminars.

She showed great eagerness in chamber music. She has been accompanying choirs, monody soloists, violin and stringed groups since she was very young.

She has in parallel been a founding member of the POLYPHONIC CHOIR of Patras as a chorus singer. She is the piano accompanist of the MIXED CHOIR, being greatly active not only in Greece but also abroad.

In November 1998, in an exceptionally successful event -opening concert of the Club "Friends of Lyric Singing"- in the Municipal Theatre of Patras, she accompanied great Greek lyric singers having a carrier in Greek National Opera and in well-known Operas abroad.

In September 2000 she took part in "Fokika" in a concert -dedication to Manos Hatzidakis- for piano and singing with the soprano Katerina Polymenakou, organised by the Municipal of Amfissa. In 29th January 2002 she was invited by the University of Patras, together with the well-known Patras monodist Fotini Samara to cover the music part of the "Three Hierarchs" celebration, whose main speaker was the professor Eleni Glykatzi-Arveler.

She has been teaching piano for more than 20 years in the ACHAIKO CONSERVATORY of Patras and has a great teaching experience as well as a solo activity. She has also been teaching piano in the MUNICIPAL CONSERVATORY of Patras since 1999.

She is married to Fotis Zervas and has got two daughters.

Κορίνθου 280, Πάτρα, 26221  //  Τηλ.: 2610 279679, 2610 222248  //  Email: choir@polyphonikipatras.gr


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