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Theatrical Studio

The Theatre Workshop of the Polyphonik choir of Patras, was born in 2005 as a need to widen the artistic pursuits of the Organization and in particular to the Theatre Act. 
The first director Dimitris Sioundas took over the direction of the department, but alson the responsibility so that together with his team, to highlight the drama of creation in the local community and beyond.Hence "The semolina" work of Alexandros Adamopoulos, where the Theatrical Stage presented with great success in theatrical  stage of the myltiplex "Politia" in April 2006 in May and at Antirio in Nafpaktos in December of the same year.

The Theatrical Stage took part in the Christmas Concert of the Children's department, at  the Congress Centre of OLPA, in December 2005, and the "Politia" multiplex in December 2006.

In February 2007 under  the  Small  Carnival,  presented  the  "Semolina" in the Municipal Theater  "Apollon" Patras, at the invitation of DEPAP.
In September 2008 Yannis Vlachos led the Theatrical Stage and from September 2010 Athena Kallimani, took over, reforming the department with particular interest on children.

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